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Ocean cargo insurance is the safest option to safeguard your merchandise during transport for when it comes to damaged or lost goods, you must be aware of which conventions with limitations of liability are used. Insurance will safeguard your cargo from this type of unforeseen event, and it’s importance increases when it comes to the transport of ready merchandise and valuable products, where the economic risk is so high that opting for insurance should be a natural preference.

Read ICC:A 2009, the details of cargo insurance and distribution informations.

Flexitanks are models installed in standard 20’ marine containers, converting them into cistern containers with a loading capacity of 16,000 to 25,000 liters of product, depending on its density. Flexitank models can be manufactured in various sophisticated materials (Nitrile Rubber, High-strength Polyester and Nylon fabric coated on both sides with Polyurethane, mixtures of PU / PVC, PVC and other polymers according to the product to be transported) depending on the intended effect.

The most common capacities are of 16 to 25 cubic meters, however it is possible to provide other capacities.

The Dry Bulk Liner is a product that allows the transportation of solid bulk in 20’ and 40’ marine containers in an effective and safe way, without any risks of contamination. It is a product that provides cost reductions in relations to the use of bags, boxes or big bags. This cost reduction is reflected in the reduction of loading and unloading time, as well as labor and packaging costs of the transported goods.

The Dry Bulk Liner is currently regularly used worldwide for all types of solid bulk. It is a product manufactured in PP or HDPE fabric, characterized by a very strong elastic force while maintaining its flexibility. Most Liners are made of 140gr/m2 HDPE fabric, however it is possible the utilization of heavier and lighter fabrics depending on the products to be loaded as well as the customer’s needs. Bulk Liner fabric can also be made of anti-static material to prevent the accumulation of static charges.

The openings for loading and unloading the Dry Bulk Liner can be made according to the customer’s instructions, in order to be customized to their needs.

The Thermo Liner is a product specifically designed to protect the transport of wine and other products, creating an environment that significantly reduces any temperature variations. It can be placed in 20’ or 40’ containers, allowing them to be loaded with a forklift or pallet truck, and it is also available in the form of individual covers for product pallets.

Once loaded and sealed, the Thermo Liner is a closed recipient that provides the protection of its contents from temperature variations. Approximately 90 – 95% of the heat that attempts to infiltrate the Thermo Liner is reflected, as well as the heat that is inside it when trying to get out, effectively protecting its contents.